Your reason for a restart - Restart Tenerife

Everyone comes to a point a few times in his or her life, where you get the chance to make some changes. Each has its own reasons for this. We'll randomly name a few:

  • Thinking about management issues, such as large investments, vision, leadership style, human resources policy, organization issues, mergers.

  • How do you handle an outplacement situation?

  • What happens after a settlement agreement?

  • Does my job fit my character?

  • Think about your own company together.

  • To see if there's more in your life.

  • Literally distance yourself from putting things in a row.

  • How do you go on after a divorce, illness or death of your partner?

  • Sparring about difficulties in family business, succession, financial, mutual cooperation.

  • You want to improve your daily performance.

  • You're getting stuck in worn-in patterns and habits.

Restart Journey

 A 8-day trip to restart. Stay in a four-star hotel, All inclusive. Throughout the trip individual guidance, various forms of wellness and activities. 

Personal development working in Tenerife

 In Tenerife we offer professional support in personal development. Fully cared for and in a safe environment you can get started with your issues in peace. Think of directors, managers, entrepreneurs and remote workers.

Guidance, but without travel

Recognize the situation, but you are not (yet) ready to travel. For the possibilities, visit

Inspiring location

 It is often difficult to shape the beginning. Taking literally and figuratively away from the daily concerns is a good idea. On the Canary Island of Tenerife, we have reserved the ideal conditions. The journey takes you to the green north of the Canary Island of Tenerife. The hotel is set in a beautiful park and overlooks the old harbor town of Puerto de la Cruz. A charming town where you can still enjoy the real Canarian atmosphere.

Personal guidance

 A restart trip is literally a trip to Tenerife and figuratively a personal development trip. To get things together or bring about a change is an important prerequisite for distancing ourselves. These can include complex management issues, making choices for the company, or personal development. Someone else would like to get a grip on his or her life again. We offer the ideal location and conditions in the green north of the Canary Island of Tenerife. Completely dismayed with intensive, professional guidance you will work on your personal issues.

Below are some random responses.

There are no names, because privacy is very important to us.

"After a divorce and a number of broken relationships, I was completely lost and also lost control over myself. Thanks to the recovery program of Futura Esperanza from Bertina and Peter I found myself and I’m alive and very successful."

"I learned:

  • that my need for stability does not mean that i have to change nothing if it costs me energy or produces too little (you'll get out of balance if you don't change anything)
  • insight: ‘it's no longer about winning, now that i know how much you can lose’
  • do not expect anything from others, but rather take initiative: not by taking on problems from others, but by naming things
  • that i would sometimes want more understanding and support, but if i am not open myself, this does not get because everyone is mainly concerned with his own life and problems."

“With the help of the program of Restart Tenerife and the warm commitment of Bertina and Peter, there has been another sense in my life. I am even now retrained to be an expert in experience."


"I have become more aware of the fact that:

  • thoughts are persistent,
  • my lack of energy has arisen through prolonged sustained stresses. Even I didn't notice that I had symptoms of a burn-out, as I am used to fighting against outside influences continuously in my head. Yes, now I know that influences from within have the most influence. Furthermore, I realize that I have made choices in the past due to my thinking patterns."

"I have learned that I have to think in possibilities.

  • Not too many activities one day, though you fancy it.
  • If it escalates, trying to change the direction; how can we solve it?
  • That if you're getting a bit bothering, you can certainly come back to it even though it's a few days later and you might be surprised by the reaction.
  • Sometimes its better to say nothing."