The energy of Tenerife

The largest island in the Canary Islands. Due to its convenient location also called the island of eternal spring. The originally volcanic area has a very varied microclimate with the dry south and the green, fertile north. Located in the blue Atlantic Ocean with clear skies and lots of sun. What strikes is the present positive energy, probably due to the volcanic origin. The island is economically dependant on tourism, banana cultivation, wine-growing and other crops such as potatoes.

Puerto de la Cruz

Located in the green north of the island. Tourism started here and later moved to the dry south. A charming harbor with friendly people and a characteristic center.


Tenerife is characterized by its wonderful nature. Literally full is the volcano El Teide, located in the national park. El Teide is the highest mountain in Spain with 3,718 meters. In the park there are beautiful hiking routes. Often one walks above the clouds, which in itself is a beautiful experience.


The island and its inhabitants radiate a certain tranquillity. Not that it is quiet or boring. On the contrary, the wild nature and always moving Tenerifians provide the necessary energy. Only the stress, as we are increasingly familiar with it, is lacking.


The inhabitants are very hospitable people. Mostly Catholic with as a result many feasts related to saints. For example, La Oratava has the Corpus feasts, with the whole village adorned with beautiful flower carpets. But the Santa Cruz Carnival is also world famous. Gourmet we introduce you to various Canarian dishes such as Papas with Mojosauce, but also the local fruit is delicious fresh as is the fish.


In addition to the daily efforts for the program, there is room for a number of other activities. Depending on the weather, we will provide you with an unforgettable experience. From sporting to scientific.