Personal development at Tenerife

Everyone needs a form of sparring, advice and/or guidance from time to time, both for business and private. Think of directors, managers, entrepreneurs and remote workers. At Tenerife we offer professional support for them in their personal development. Fully cared for and in a safe environment you can get to work with your issues in peace. Here are some practical opportunities, where our personal approach proves successful. 

Personal guidance of managers and directors.

It is a challenge in this hectic time to maintain your position as directors/business owner and/or manager. Every day you face new challenges. Whether it's market changes, inside the company, staffing issues, government measures, private problems, or personality traits. You are expected to stand up to all these different roles. In general, you are well off, but sometimes you need a reliable sparring partner. Someone you can discuss business with who you don't easily share with others in the company, a business partner, or the partner at home. Then the use of personal guidance is a very common step. By literally and figuratively taking a distance, you create space to think and make informed decisions.

For example, issues such as:

  • Dealing with daily stress.

  • Get a grip on the increasing workload.

  • Personal development support.

  • Recognize signs of imminent mental overload.

  • Restore work-life balance.

  • The influence of your personality on the daily functioning.

  • Method of communication.

  • Dealing with private problems such as relationship, informal care and illness.

  • Gain insight into drivers, motives and character traits.

  • Practical questions and solutions.

Each director/owner or manager has his or her personal help question. This can be in the field of personal development, but also in the prevention of mental overload due to work stress. Things like time, character, problems, and private circumstances are crucial. You determine the degree and form of guidance yourself. Motivation, privacy, trust, understanding, and respect are important principles.


 Mentoring is a development process in which a (beginning) manager is accompanied by a more experienced person. This mentor helps achieve specific professional competencies or goals.

Mentoring is an individual approach that focuses on both the manager's personal and professional development. The program contributes to better results by increasing the sustainable employability and well-being of managers. It helps retain talent, prevent downtime, and promotes the growth of every leader. At this time, when it is difficult to find and retain suitable people, mentoring can be an important part of the solution. By literally distancing ourselves from the day-to-day process, we will be able to get an overall view. Both on the organisation and on its own functioning. This broader vision makes someone more efficient and efficient.


Powerful HR tool for development.
Mentoring is a powerful HR tool for development and growth and is not self-evident for all employees of an organization. It is particularly useful for employees who are self-employed professionals, such as managers and team leaders. It’s also a valuable addition to the management style of "Coaching Leadership", with the aim of promoting employee independence, responsibility, and self-reflection.

Coaching on holiday prevents collapse.

People need stress to function properly. Stress brings clarity to thinking, quick response etc. As long as stress can be sufficiently compensated with relaxation, the situation is healthy. Nowadays, more and more people are facing increasing stress every day and the situation is threatening to get out of balance. Sometimes it gets just as much.


Many people think they can control the stress by going on holiday. Only it often turns out that body and mind are going to react violently to the sudden relaxation. Instead of the feeling of rest and relaxation, the unrest remains. All the problems come to you in all the vigor. Anyone who recognizes this is even reluctant to go on holiday. Especially if that means they have to spend all days with the family. If you're not used to that, it often gives tension, both with the partner and with the children.


We invite those involved employees, managers, owners, ZZP'ers, directors, artists, out to contact us well before departure. We then provide thorough preparation and guidance. Come and enjoy a wonderful holiday in the sun with your partner or family on the island of “Eternal Spring”. While the family is entertaining by the pool or by the beach during the day, we will guide you as you relax. There's plenty of time left to do fun things together. This way a holiday becomes a feast of relaxation and you can then take it all back on.

Personal development

 As the economy recovers, finding the right people is becoming increasingly difficult. There is a significant shortage of project leaders and managers. Ambition is often not lacking in young people. They have completed their training courses and are at the beginning of their careers. Others are in need of a further step. But in practice, the managerial skills are not always the innate talents. Such as being able to manage, motivate others, have problems for them and have the overview. Talents that are often developed in practice. However, this requires guidance, and that is often the problem now. Everyone is very busy with themselves and therefore has much less time to guide others.


As a result, (beginning) project leaders and managers are thrown into the deep end. A lot of valuable time is wasted on the difficulties with the reality of the new function. Some of them will eventually be able to survive, but a lot of talent will also be lost. This can be prevented by professionally guiding people in the beginning. This avoids many beginner mistakes and therefore saves time and therefore money for the organisation. We offer the opportunity to structure thought processes using our method and inspiring guidance. People gain insight into the causes of the start-up problems, into themselves and possible solutions. By literally and figuratively taking a short distance from the daily concerns, there is room for gaining insight and making a realistic future plan. Putting things back together, both business and personal, is creating new energy. This way you can continue to work on your own personal development in a safe environment, under professional guidance.