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 Use our knowledge and experience in the process of changing people who are looking for a new (different) interpretation of their lives. A clear vision and new structures create confidence in the future.

Peter Zaal
Trained as Human Resources Manager and Administrative Legal Advisor. Worked as a coach and mentor for years, as well as as an independent Landlord for large utility companies. His broad knowledge combined with the enormous life experience ensures that for everyone a listening ear and valuable advice is available. His motivation is the enormous passion to help people develop themselves or bring about a valuable change.


Bertina Heerschop
Trained as a physiotherapist and worked for years with reconditioning pathways. The broad interest in sociological and psychological development in people provides valuable advice. She has this special ability to really understand and help people with a strong character to deal with it. Her motivation is also to use her long life experience to bring about a change in people.