After a divorce, overcoming a serious illness, but also after the loss of a loved one often follows the misunderstanding. According to the environment, you are free or restored and you can function in full again. Lack’s understanding of colleagues at work and family and friends. The power is simply lacking to fight again.


How to go on after a divorce.

Much has often happened before the decision to divorce. Often accompanied by emotions such as anger, sorrow, fear, and uncertainty. Followed by a period of saying goodbye to familiar environment, arranging business etc. Then starts the process of accepting. Finding a new balance. Practical matters, such as housing and finance, but also dealing with children.

In the middle of this process, you regularly run against the wall of misunderstanding. At work of colleagues and executives. With family and friends, where people have problems with your choices. The feeling of having to justify you is becoming more and more important. Many people try to talk to you about a sort of guilt. Children also often have great difficulty with divorce. This also causes a feeling of guilt.

During that emotional rollercoaster, you must build a new life. New environment, friends, hobby and maybe a new job. Then it is good to take a literal and figurative distance. Putting things in line in a safe, relaxed environment. Gain new energy under professional guidance.


After healing from a serious illness.

After being declared cured, you enter the next stage of recovery. This article is about people who are cured of diseases such as cancer, cerebral infarction, stroke or heart attack. But most certainly also all kinds of mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety disorders. These people often run into the same problems. They often lack the energy to undertake activities. The ability to put things into perspective is great. You have to deal with all kinds of limitations as a result of the disease. Both physically and mentally.

One of the most difficult things is the wall of misunderstanding. Your circle of friends has become very small. You really get to know those closest to you. Misunderstanding at work from colleagues or supervisors. Or you have since been rejected or fired.

You are in a process of acceptance of the new situation. By yourself and by those close to you. That process is full of emotional problems, such as fear and sadness.

It is precisely the lack of understanding that makes you feel abandoned. On the other hand, the illness has made you a stronger person. You have learned what really matters. And also who matters in your life.
Let's continue to shape those positive building blocks together in a safe environment. Enjoy sun, energy and relaxation under professional guidance.


After the death of your partner.

How will you reshape your life after the death of your partner?
That begins with the primary grieving process. Processing the loss. Maybe you have been a caregiver for a long time. Even then a black hole looms. Get back to work. How do you tackle that? Will you do the same job as before or something completely different? What about the financial consequences? Isn't the house too big or with too many memories. Would you like to live in a different area or go abroad in the sun.

Would you like a new relationship. How will the children react to this.
Then the group of friends. Often it is based on couples or many friends of the partner. During the illness, have you ever heard from the friend group. People find it difficult to get in touch with you. You don't realize that until later. Death is a difficult subject for many people anyway. They don't really understand your grief. Or they condemn your decision to go back to work or look for a new relationship.

Dealing with that wall of misunderstanding is not easy. It gives a lot of peace and insight when you literally distance yourself from everyday reality. We offer you a safe environment in the green north of the Canary Island of Tenerife. There you can get away from the hustle and bustle and reflect on your future. We will guide you in the process of putting things in order.


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