There may be those moments in your live that:

  • Children suddenly determine your life, 'you didn't see that coming'.
  • After 15 years of living together, you begin to wonder what has come of your dreams.
  • You are 40 and now life can start.

Suddenly, children determine your life.

Finally, you live together and decide to respond to your childhood desire. You created a picture of that but have no idea what the actual impact will be.
Just started a beautiful career, full of plans and dreams. According to the social media, you are part of an open world, so what can happen to you.

In pregnancy, not everything turns out to be sunshine and roses. All kinds of physical and mental discomfort occur. But that's where you beat you through and the miracle of a new life makes aup for a lot. You decide to quickly take a second child so that they grow up together.


After the first few years some minor discomforts and irritations have been fired here and there. Children never follow your plans. They are just getting ill, or the shelter is closed again because of Corona. In addition, there is a lot to do, from school to sports club. Holidays are also determined by the children. Both the period and the destination. If they enjoy you too!


But what about your dreams of a beautiful career, about a new home or that tough car. All these wishes are second place, unnoticeable. Then there is often a bit of tension in the relationship. Both of you are tired more often, hormones sometimes behave unpredictable. Also, the work is not always what you expect from it. And so, you are increasingly wondering whether this is the life you wanted.


Then it is time to take stock together. Together, or each for yourself, to determine where you are now. Do not wait until things get out of hand. Take time to talk honestly and openly. Together come up with solutions and agree on the content of your life, relationship, and work.

No idea where to start. Let us help you find happiness again and face the future with confidence.


15 years together and now what.

A lot has happened in that time and several changes took place. You started living together and got children. They are now going to school, which means that there will be more free time available. You have bought a house and are on high financial charges. At work you just celebrated the first lustrum. You begin to wonder if you still like this feature. The relationship is a little bit under pressure. The dreams of the past have been unpacked differently than you hoped. The daily grind starts to strike. Also physically, some unwanted fat rolls develop. The circle of friends has also changed considerably. Each goes a little bit of his or her own way. Of course, new friends will be added. From school of the children or through work.


What do you want to achieve?
Your parents are also beginning to call on you from time to time. Family businesses are already considering the follow-up of their businesses. How should you shape that? Do you really want that?
In short, after 15 years together, a lot has changed and you come to a point to make important decisions for both your future.

That starts with putting things on a realistic line. Then you wonder what you want to achieve further in your life. So, what must be done to make it possible? How will you build a beautiful future together?


Take a distance together
To answer all these questions, we have created the ideal environment. You'll head to the characteristic Puerto de la Cruz in the north of the Canary Island of Tenerife. There we offer the opportunity to answer all your questions in a relaxed environment under expert guidance.
The goal is to look forward to your future with confidence.


Life begins at 40.

A common phrase, but how do you do it? And what does that life look like?
In people with children there is a bit more freedom because the children become more independent. They are going to study or start their first job. But it is also the period when the aging children are causing the necessary problems. Wrong friends, drink, and drug trials. Many parents are struggling with this. The relationship is also being tested. It is also the period of many divorce cases, where doubts often arise afterwards.


What have you become?
There are also doubts at work. Do the job and I still fit together? Do I sometimes work in too high or too low a position? Or it's time to set on a fresh course. Have I become somebody I didn't want to be at all.
From forty onwards, minor physical discomfort has also arisen. Reading glasses or a tricky knee. You wonder how you can get fit old.
Social you discover that your circle of friends has changed considerably over the years. Have you experienced this sufficiently consciously or do you experience it a little?
Your parents are more likely to appeal to you. This can also feel like an obstacle to realizing your own dreams.


So, in summary, your life starts at forty, but it is still hard to live that life.
Our tip is to take a break literally and figuratively to queue things up.
We offer a fully cared for trip to the beautiful Puerto de la Cruz in the green north of the Canary Island of Tenerife.
With expert guidance, think about yourself and your future and simultaneously relax and gain energy.


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